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29th August 2012



Since I JUST LEARNED that the pen for my tablet no longer works, looks like I will be on an EVEN LONGER hiatus.

Do not fret though for, thanks to college, I have the fantastic homework of playing and reviewing/blogging about what happened and what I experienced.

For all of you I have created the blog here on tumblr. It’s here if any of you would enjoy following it.

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22nd August 2012

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Things have been difficult here: college starting in less than a week, an unstable family member moving in, and the computer I’m currently using is on its last few legs of life (I’m on my iPod now)

Within a few weeks I shall be receiving a new computer, so the biggest problem would be solved.

With everything else going on its been pretty hard to find time to draw and update.

Please accept my humblest apologies as I try to fix up my life. I’ll come back as soon as I can.

- Gray

13th August 2012

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13th August 2012

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13th August 2012

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13th August 2012

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10th August 2012


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10th August 2012


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10th August 2012


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